Kaleo College is a Non-Profit Liberal Arts Institution that started in 2014 and registered with TVET, with headquarters and main campus in Kahuti, Kangema-Gacharage Road (C70), Murang’a County, and with learning centers in Majimbo – Embu County, Makongo – Makueni County, Kiganjo – Kiambu County, and providing an online platform.

The college was founded in response to various challenges facing Africa including corruption, insecurity, tribalism, political instability, and poor leadership. The underlying issue has been inadequate leadership.

The College Vision is “To be a distinct leadership development institute in East and Central Africa.

The College Mission is thus to “Raise, develop, mentor, equip, and empower servant leaders.

Kaleo College prides itself in being the The Hotbed of Servant Leaders!

The target is to educate, and train effective leaders ready to bring change to worsening governance structures from the grass root level to the highest leadership positions in Africa.

As a non-profit organization, we seek to improve our community through five main departments:

  1. Academic – Certificate and Diploma Courses
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility – doing our part for the community
  3. Kaleo Chapel – spiritual nourishment for students, staff, and the community
  4. Pastoral Care Program (PCP) – promoting access to mentoring, guidance, and welfare for pastors
  5. Welfare Association – a savings scheme for members

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Overview of Kaleo College

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A quick scan on Kaleo College students' will tell you, we're a diverse institution with different students from different denomination, gender, races, age e.t.c all gathered to sip knowledge from ... See more


Africa has for long been infested by many vices like corruption, insecurity, wars and tribal crashes, tribalism, political dictatorship, etc. All these are directly related to leadership. Most, if not all, African countries can do far much better if they had good leaders.

However, very few, if any, institutions have risen up to the great task of raising, developing, mentoring, educating and training effective leaders who can take up positions and eventually change the worsening systems, structures and governments.

This is the core of Kaleo College; the key and primary basis for the founding of this great vision. Kaleo was founded to specifically address and meet this important need.

As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. To accomplish this uphill task, Kaleo targets three groups of people in rural Africa:

Bishop Carl Phillip Kihato - President Kaleo College

Bishop Carl Phillip Kihato

Founder / President Kaleo College

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